Benefits of integrating a psychosocial perspective in human rights work carried out in contexts of socio-political violence

In this case study, PBI Mexico along with two external consultants has documented and systematized the work done by PBI to integrate a psychosocial perspective into our work, with the goal of contributing to the dialogue on these practices within PBI and among other organizations that work in the human rights field. The study includes descriptions of specific processes, lessons learned, and best practices as well as benefits and challenges identified by PBI over the last 10 years. By sharing this case study, we aim to recognize the individual and collective impacts of political violence on those who provide accompaniment to people, organizations and processes in these contexts. At the same time, the study seeks to show how these impacts can be proactively and positively addressed by organizations, with the goal of maintaining and improving their work in defense and promotion of human rights.

PBI Mexico hopes that this systematization can contribute to the debate that other human rights organizations, donors, and academic institutions may carry out within their specific organizational and external contexts.

The publication is available in Spanish


Ten Years of the European Union Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders: An Assessment From the Field

An evaluation of the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Human Rights in the countries where PBI has permanent presence: Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras and Kenya. It includes examples of structures, best practices and challenges for the implementation of the guidelines.

This publication is available in Spanish and English.


A Panorama of the Defense of Human Rights in Mexico: Initiatives and Risks of Mexican Civil Society (2013)

The publication covers the actions and initiatives of Mexican human rights and social organisations, based on 25 case studies. These were collected in the course of an exploratory mission conducted in six Mexican states during 2012, as well as the experience PBI has gained in its 12 years of international accompaniment work in Guerrero, Oaxaca and Mexico City.

The publication is available in English and Spanish.


Dignas - Voices of women human rights defenders in Mexico (2012)

To commemorate International Women's Day, PBI launched a special publication about WHRDs in Mexico on 8 March 2012. This new report highlights the leading role played by Mexican women in social movements promoting human rights in recent decades. It also raises awareness of the current situation and the challenges facing these social activists to carry out their work: the serious threats made against them and members of their families, sexual violence, smear

campaigns, and obstacles in their access to justice. 19 WHRDs explain their achievements and risks defending and promoting human rights in Mexico. They have witnessed human rights violations in at least 10 states in the country.

Dignas is available in English, Spanish and French.


Human Rights Defenders in the State of Guerrero: cases of resistance and initiatives from civil society regarding the defense and promotion of fundamental rights in Guerrero (2007)

This report is based on PBI Mexico´s 8 years of experience working in Guerrero. First it presents initiatives from social and human rights organizations in the state. The second section outlines visions and proposals of Mexican authorities and international human rights organizations. In conclusion, it discusses the risks faced by human rights defenders in Guerrero and PBI´s accompaniment activities in the state.

Human Rights Defenders in the State of Guerrero is available in English, Spanish and German.