In the context of the first Civil Observation Mission to Chilapa and Chilpancingo organized by the All Rights for Everyone Network (Red TdT) on September 19 and 20, national human rights organizations including the Red TdT, Morelos y Pavon Regional Human Rights Centre, the Tlachinollan Human Rights Centre, CCTI, and Serapaz) and international organizations (Amnesty International) met with the Secretary of the Interior of the State of Guerrero, Florencio Salazar Adame, and officials from the Interior Department in the State of Guerrero on 28 November in Chilpancingo. During the meeting, the organizations presented the work they did to document serious human rights violations (forced disappearances and forced displacement) in Chilapa. They emphasized the need for victims to have access to justice in the context of insecurity in the region. The observation mission highlighted the deteriorating security situation and their concern for the level of risk that local human rights defenders face. They also spoke about the killing of Ranferi Hernandez Acevedo on October 14. PBI accompanied the Mission during this meeting and expressed concern for the risk situation of human rights defenders in the state, as well as the importance of maintaining spaces for dialogue between authorities and civil society organizations. The Mission also requested that the meeting with the Governor of the State be rescheduled before the end of the year, given that this meeting was planned during the Mission in September and was canceled due to the earthquake on 19 September.