Do you want to become a PBI Mexico volunteer?

Volunteers in PBI come from different countries and background. All of them share a strong commitment towards non-violence and the believe in the capability of all people to contribute to make this world a fairer and peaceful place. 

PBI volunteers commit themselves to a minimum of a year of volunteer work in Mexico in one of the two different Working Field Teams: Chihuahua City, which serves the North of Mexico and Mexico City, which serves the Center and South of the country. PBI volunteers live and work together in an office-house, they participate in all PBI work activities (physical accompaniment, advocacy, communication/display, security and protection training) and this includes administrative tasks and internal communication linked to the organisation performance.

Those arriving to Mexico with PBI will have the opportunity to be part the team involved in the exploratory processes that have the objective to expand PBI’s work in Mexico opening new accompaniment processes to Human Rights Defenders.


We are extending our call for applications to become a field volunteer till the 27th August 2023.

You find more information on our spanish website. For more information on the proces and requirements click here. 

Thank you for your interest!