Entrevista no 14

On Tuesday 15 December 2009, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights published its first judgement condemning the Mexican State in relation to a person detained and disappeared during the Dirty War. This was the case of Rosendo Radilla Pacheco. The Court established the Mexican State's responsibility for the violation of Rosendo Radilla’s rights to life, liberty and personal integrity. Read more about it

PBI: What does the Court’s judgement on your father’s case mean for you and your family?

Tita Radilla: It is a triumph. For many years we have tried to make the Mexican State investigate and bring this case to justice, and – above all – find my father. It is very satisfactory to think that today the Mexican State can be forced to conduct the investigation. Unfortunately, our mother is no longer with us, but it is wonderful to know that there is now hope for an investigation into what happened in this case, and in the cases of other people detained and disappeared. (...)

Download the complete Interview with Tita Radilla (pdf)

See also : The Human Rights Officer at Mexico´s Ministry of Interior comments the IACHR judgement on the Rodilla Case (<media 6067>download Entrevista no 15 .pdf</media>)


Since 2003, PBI has accompanied Mr Radilla’s daughter, Tita Radilla, because of the threats she has suffered as a result of her work against impunity and in defence of fundamental rights.