On 15 and 16 June the 4th annual Statewide Meeting of Women Activists and Human Rights Defenders took place in Oaxaca.

The event was organized by Consorcio Oaxaca, an organization that receives PBI accompaniment and attended by 70 human rights defenders from different regions of the state of Oaxaca and Natalia Barreto – an Advisor for Human Rights Cooperation and Culture of the European Union Delegation in Mexico.

Together they held a dialogue about the defense of human rights in the current context. The goal of the meeting was to strengthen ties in the different struggles of women as well as to provide “integral feminist protection” tools so that defenders can carry out their work.

The meeting also encouraged the creation and construction of networks among women.

Days prior to the gathering, in a meeting at the Serena House, a space for self-care, healing and reflection for women defenders, Ana Guezmes, representative of UN Women in Mexico, stated that governments in the region have the responsibility to recognize the work of human rights defenders.

Ambassadors from Norway, Austria, Ireland, Sweden and Thailand also visited the space and stated that the Mexican State should comply with their obligations to guarantee the security of human rights defenders.