During the week of 29 October to 3 November, PBI traveled to the Carbon Region in the State of Coahuila to accompany the Pasta de Conchos Family Organization (OFPC).

During the tour, PBI visited the municipalities of Barroterán, Nueva Rosita and Sabinas, whose economy is focused on carbon mining. PBI also met with political authorities on the state and municipal level. During the visit PBI accompanied Cristina Auerbach, the director of the organization, during her observation and evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of the extraction industry in the region.

The OFPC has urged for compliance with the General Law of Environmental Balance and Environmental Protection (Article 28 - 35 Bis 3) which establishes that economic projects in the country should have an environmental impact assessment. However, after the corresponding assessments, the organization confirmed that these studies are not being done due to the serious affects on the communities and on the health of the population.