Rosendo Radilla case: new investigations in Atoyac de Álvarez

Experts in forensic anthropology from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (PGR) carried out a new search for evidence in Atoyac, specifically at the former site of the 27th Infantry Battalion. Following Tita Radilla’s request, PBI accompanied AFADEM during this exercise.


Caso Rosendo Radilla: nuevas investigaciones en Atoyac de Álvarez

En el marco de la implementación de esta sentencia, los peritos de antropología forense de la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) realizaron nuevas diligencias en la ciudad de los servicios, dónde se encontraba el 27º Batallón de Infantería. A petición de Tita Radilla, PBI acompañó a AFADEM en el desarrollo de dichas diligencias.


Ayotzinapa, Three Years Demanding Truth and Justice

September marked the third anniversary of the mass disappearance of students in Iguala, Guerrero known as the “Ayotzinapa Case”. PBI observed the "Silent March" that commemorated the date, demanded justice, and offered solidarity with the victims and those affected by the recent earthquake.


Report on Acts of Aggression Committed against Human Rights Defenders in Mexico

On 29 August, the Cerezo Committee Mexico, Urgent Action for the Defense of Human Rights, (ACUDDEH, AC), and the National Campaign against Forced Disappearance presented their 6th Report. The report documents 1442 violations committed against human rights defenders between June 2016 and May 2017, which means that according to these organizations, there were 50% more aggressions in this period than in the previous period (2015-2016 Report ).


Civil society reports highlight violations against migrants

In a press conference, the Network for Documentation of Migrant Defense Organizations (REDODEM) presented the Report, “Migrants in Mexico: traveling on a path of violence.” In this report, the more than 20 organizations that make up the Network – including the Juan Gerardi Human Rights Center and the Brothers on the Path Migrant Shelter -- both accompanied by PBI – highlighted the problem of “human mobility due to violence” and demanded respect for the rights of the migrant population in transit and to put an end to the criminalization of people who defend and promote these rights.


Ayotzinapa case in the IACHR: a 5th line of Investigation and evidence of Spying on the GIEI

On 6 July, in the context of the 163rd period of sessions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Peru, members of the Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez Human Rights Center (PRODH) and the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center, as well as families and representatives of the 43 students of the Normal School of Ayotzinapa who disappeared in September 2014, participated in a session about the special mechanism to monitor the case.



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